Medical tourism

Medical Tourism:

Medical tourism is the practice of traveling away from your home country to receive medical care usually with the help of a medical travel agency.

Because of the increasing necessity for extremely high quality of medical care, the need for a cost effective alternative, reduced waiting list and the need for privacy, Hungary serves an excellent destination.

Medical Tourism in Hungary:

Hungary is known for high levels of medical education and medical centers where the continuous medical training is very essential among specialists as well as medical staff.

Patients from all around the world come to receive the excellent quality for an affordable price. The doctors working in Hungarian clinics and hospitals are highly specialised in their fields, many are members of well-known international medical societies.

It is a well-known fact that Hungary has one of the most demanding medical and dental educations in the world. A quarter of all medical students at Hungarian universities come from abroad, and many Hungarian specialists teach and practice internationally.

The main reasons for Hungary's leading role in European medical tourism are its long experience and practice on the international market.



Since Hungary joined the European Union, medical tourism has become more varied and more international.

In fact, the cost of treatments and patient service is some much lower, that you can afford to fly to Hungary, undergo treatment, enjoy the sights, the culture and shopping offers in Budapest and still save up to 40-70 % on what you would have to pay in the UK, USA and Scandinavian countries.

The most popular treatments and procedures amongst international patients are dentistry, plastic and orthopedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, fertility treatments, dermatology and anti-aging treatments, obesity treatments, addiction programs and eye surgery (both general and ocular implantation).

Why not follow the thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world wo seek medical treatments in Hungary?

Hungary has a number of accreditation and license schemes applying to its institutions, such as the domestic accreditation schemes from the Hungarian Ministry of Health, and the National Health Commission of Medical Service.


Some facilities are also recognized by the Care Quality Commission int he UK and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


Hungary, due to its ideal location in the center of Europe, is easily accessed by several kind of international flights.

Several clinics participate in our medical tourism programs, organizing the entire trip including flights, accommodation, transfers and treatments.

Furthermore, travelers can combine medical treatments with their holiday, discovering the 1000-year-old history of the country and the unique fusion of eastern and western cultures, while recovering from surgery in one of the many rejuvenating traditional thermal spas and balneotherapy.

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